Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein, Co-PI

Published: August 29th, 2012

Category: Featured Article, Recent News

Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein is a Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor in the College of Education who has been a Courtesy Professor at the College of Dentistry. About 16 years ago, Dr. Catalanotto brought her in to study how critical thinking skills were being taught in the clinics. Following her first publication in JDE, she continued to collaborate with Dean Dolan and Gail Childs.

She has been active in ADEA, a frequent presenter of posters, the past secretary and current chair of the Educational Research Development/Curriculum section, and a former member of the JDE editorial board.  Recently she was awarded a Council of Sections Grant to study the integrity of the educational research processes in a decade of JDE publications.

She is the developer and author of the critical thinking skills toolkit, a compendium of teaching strategies, a synthesis of research, resources video and case-based presentations, which appear on the ADEA site and the Academy of Academic Leadership.

Currently she has 10 publications based upon studies initiated at our college alone. Representative of some of those articles are studies of:

  • critical thinking skills in the clinic,
  • faculty and student perceptions of the transition/implementation of the TEAM program,
  • the teaching practices in basic science courses, and
  • three recent works on faculty perceptions and sustained changes in instructional practices as the result of faculty development seminars that focused on teaching efficacy and promoting critical thinking skills.

However, overall she has more than 95 refereed articles, book and book chapters.

At the COE, she developed 16 new courses. For our college, along with Gail Childs, she developed a set of three courses that have been taught asychnronously. Those courses (Teaching Principles for Health Care Professionals http://facdev.health.ufl.edu/HCP/) carry 24 CEUs each are currently available for faculty via HSC website who those of your who wish to enroll.  She also taught two courses at the college that about 8 current faculty enrolled in and completed.  Among her more than 30 dental presentations, she has frequently presented at ADEA and the American Educational Research Association.

Her interest in dental education is supported by her more than 25 consultations to schools of dentistry at, the University of Manitoba, the University of Puerto Rico, Baylor University, the University of Louisville, the University of California at San Francisco, the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study, to the Schools of Dentistry and Medicine, and the Department of Physical Therapy at UF. She has also conducted more than eight evaluation studies for nursing at Shands. Her presentations have been primarily on critical thinking, active teaching including instructional strategies for critical thinking skills, how to assess critical thinking, course design, and teaching models.

She is the co-investigator on the HRSA pre-doctoral student grant that focuses on improving students’ cultural competency and ethical sensitivity.  She is the Co-PI on the recent faculty development grant, that was also awarded by HRSA. She is responsible for the pedagogy, evaluation and research components of the grant. She is available to observe faculty, conduct peer reviews, offer courses on pedagogy, and assist others with publishing dental educational research.

She plans to develop an online website that will have those publications completed at the COD and other relevant studies and that will showcase all faculty development studies in dentistry to assist those who wish to publish on this topic, and any new initiatives interested faculty want to undertake related to teaching, learning, assessment, self-reflection in the classroom and the clinic.