Current Projects


             Topic                                   Brief Summary                         Researchers                                  Status

Ethical Decision-Making Competency among Faculty and Students/ Comparing entry cultural competency and ethical decision-making, attitudes towards diversity and treating Medicaid patients Dr.  LS Behar-Horenstein,Dr. FA Catalanotto, Dr. CW Garvan & C. Hudson-Vassell, PhD, Cand. Published.

J American College of Dentists 2014 81(4), 44-50.

Enhancement of faculty development programs to support curriculum changes in the University of Florida College of Dentistry/ Comparing entry cultural competency and ethical decision-making, attitudes towards diversity and treating Medicaid patients among faculty. Years 1 collected and data analyzed
Predoctoral training in general, pediatric, and public health dentistry and dental hygiene: enhancing cultural competence and ethical sensitivity among predoctoral doctoral students/ Comparing entry cultural competency and ethical decision-making, attitudes towards diversity and treating Medicaid patients among pre-doctoral students First year data collected and analyzed for Dental Classes of 2015, 2016,  2017, and 2018.
Enhancing FD Program to Support Curriculum Change at UFCD Data collection has not started
The Role of Faculty Development in Facilitating Beliefs about Small Group Learning/ Qualitative analysis of focus groups that occurred during years 1 and 2 of case based learning faculty development training AND Qualitative analysis of faculty beliefs about small group case-based learning following beta testing case Drs. LS Behar-Horenstein, FA Catalanotto  &MM Nascimento Published.

J Dent Educ  2015; 79(9): 1049-1060.

Assessing Student Training at Rural Sites (STARS) among PreDental Students Placed at Federally Qualified Health Centers Using qualitative analysis to analyze students learning journals and interviews to describe and the impact of these experiences on cultural competency Dr. Behar-Horenstein, X. Feng, doctoral student, Dr. K Roberts, Dr. M Gibbs, Dr. FA Catalanotto, & Dr. C. Hudson-Vassell, Published.

J Dent Educ 2015; 79(10): 1189-1200.

Presented at the 2015 Am Ed Research Assn Conference Chicago.

Polmerization and Gelation Time by Gloves and Conditions Assess how different types of putty and glove types influence polmerization and gelation time Dr. AJ Delgado Yu Su, & Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein Manuscript under preparation
Changes in Cultural competence among First Year Students – Study #2 Use a standardized dictionary (Linguistic Word County Inquiry) to count
word frequency and statistically model factors to determine if
reflective writing and interviews resulted in changes in students’
cultural beliefs;
Dr. LS Behar-HorensteinXiaoying Feng, PhD student,

Drs. B Lee & CA  Isaac



J of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research

Survey of Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Patterns by Pediatric Dentists Assesses pediatric dentists knowledge, treatment and confidence in treating aggressive periodontal disease in children and adolescents Ms. S Resnick, Dr D Kalash, Dr. A Vovk, Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein, Dr. CW Garvan, & Dr. LM Shaddox Published.

Int J Dent Oral 2(3): doi

Direct Pulp Capping in Primary Molars: Report of Two Cases Pediatric case studies Dr. E Perez,Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein, & Dr. M Guelmann Published.

J Pediatric Dentistry

Curriculum Time Compared to Clinical Procedures in Amalgam and Composite Posterior Restorations Dr. Rey, Dr. S Nimmo, Gail Childs,&  Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein Published.

J Dent Ed 2015, 79(3) 331-336.

Dental School Administrators’ Attitudes Towards the Needs of Support Services for LGBT Identified Dental Students Assessed dental school administrators’ attitudes about the need for academic, social, therapeutic, and spiritual needs of LGBT dental students Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein &  DR Morris, B.A. Published

J Dent Ed 79(8), 965-970.

Assessment of CAD/CAM technology applied to denture fabrication in pre and postdoctoral education in the US. Measure perceptions of Prothodontics’ Chairs and Directors about the usage, benefits, and challenges of using CAM/CAD in pre-doctoral and graduate dental curriculum Dr. M Fernandez, Dr. A Nimmo,  & Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein Published.
J  Prosthodontics DOI: 10.1111/jopr.12287
Exploring associations among survey measures Assess relationships among Deamonte Driver, KEPI, Attitudes Toward Diversity and DIT2 among predoctoral dental students Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein,  & Dr. CW Garvan J. Dent Ed


Perceptions of Wellness and Burnout among Graduate and Professional Students Measured perceived wellness and burnout in graduate and professional student, and determine what factors can lead to burnout and decrease wellness Dr. P Harrison, Dr. LM Shaddox, Dr. CW Garvan, & Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein Published.

J. Dent Ed

Analysis of first year pre-doctoral dental students reflective journals. Use a standardized dictionary (Linguistic Word County Inquiry) to count word frequency and statistically model factors to determine if reflective writing and interviews resulted in changes in students’ cultural beliefs Drs. CA  Isaac, LS Behar-Horenstein, B Lee, & FA Catalanotto

J Dent Ed 2015, 79(3) 312-321.

Impact of Case Based Learning on Student Outcomes in Endodontics Assess the influence of small group case-based on student outcomes Drs. U Nair MM  Nascimento,  &LS Behar-Horenstein Manuscript in preparation
Impact of education on infant oral health care among pre-doctoral dental students Measure dental students’ basic knowledge of prevention and pediatric dentistry, their willingness to provide guidance for patients and parents, and their overall sense of efficacy in treating young children and pregnant women in their dental practice. Drs. MM  Nascimento, Dr. L Myguyar, SL Tomar, CW Garvan, FA Catalanotto, LS Behar-Horenstein



J Dent Ed

Team-Based Learning (TBL) and its Impact on a Student Assessment Measure impact of TBL on students who have and have not had TBL using ungraded assessment Dr. L Echeto, Dr. N. Sposetti,  Mrs. G Childs, Dr. M Aguilar, Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein,  Dr. L Rueda, & Dr. A Nimmo, Published

J Dent Educ 2015; 79(9):1040-1048.

Dental Students Perceptions of Academic Careers Assess factors that influence students’ interest in an academic career. Dr. R Rey,Dr. LS Behar-HorensteinDr. JP Sanchez (Rutgers U) X. Feng, Dr. CW Garvan,  & J. Cline Published.

IOSR Journal of Dental Medicine Science 2015;14(10):89-99.

Are all dentiform teeth with simulated caries the same? A 6 year retrospective study in preclinical operative dentistry Level of caries variability in dentiform teeth with simulated caries is currently unknown Drs. AJ Delgado, R Walter (UNC),  LS Behar-Horenstein, & LW Boushell (UNC) J Dent Ed 2015; 79(11): 1330-1338.
KEPI – RE-VALIDATION STUDY Using data from a compilation of studies with faculty and students at UFCD and other dental students, we are re-validating the measure in an effort to create a short form. G. Garvan Dr. CW Garvan & L.S. Behar-Horenstein Journal of Dent Educ  2016; 80(3): 355-364.
Assessing Theory-Driven

Research Studies in Dental Education.

Analysis of the frequency in which theory guided research studies across a decade of publications in JDE Drs. LS Behar-Horenstein, ME Hudson-Vassell, CN Hudson-Vassell, Ms X Feng Accepted.

IOSR. Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences.

Enhancement of faculty development programs to support curriculum changes in the state of Florida allied dental educator workforce Assessing faculty development teaching/learning needs among State of Florida allied dental faculty Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein, Dr. C. Garvan, Dr. FA Catalanotto,Yu Su & Xiaoying Feng PhD students Published.

J Dental Hygiene.

Presented at 3rd National Dental Hygiene Conference. October, 2015.

Dental students perceptions of the LGBT student needs To assess the perceptions of dental LGBT vs non-LGBT dental student needs Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein, Dr. L. Mugayar, Dr. E. Perez, Dr. P. Nagasawa (UWASH),  & Dr. DGBrown (UNMC) Published.

J Dent Ed

Impact of a student-directed operative dentistry workshop on psychomotor exam performance To compare the differences between students who did and did attend a student-directed operative dentistry workshops and determine if workshop participation impacted students’ self-reported level of preparation and stress for a psychomotor exam, amount outside class psychomotor practice time, and exam score Drs. D Dilbone, P. Probert, Behar-Horenstein, Yu Su & Xiaoying Feng PhD students, & Dr. MM Nascimento Manuscript in preparation.
Cultural competence beliefs among the state of Florida allied dental educators Assessing cultural competence among State of Florida dental hygiene faculty Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein, Dr. F. A. Catalanotto, Dr. CW Garvan,Yu Su & Xiaoying Feng PhD students Published

J Dental Hygiene

Clinical Assessment in Operative Dentistry  Presentation of a clinical assessment tool for operative dentistry Drs. D. Dilbone, B. Wynkoop, AJ. Delgado, M. Nascimento, L. Echeto, & LS Behar-Horenstein Published

MedEdPORTAL Publications; 2016. Available from:


Generational Learning Differences in Today’s Dental Students: A Popular Myth A view/counterview on the learning characteristics of today’s dental students Drs. LS Behar-Horenstein & Z. Horvath (U PITT) J Dental Educ

2016; 80(5):588-594.

Students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of Team-Based Learning (TBL) Assess the effectiveness of TBL in a prosthodontics course Drs. L. Echeto, D. Dilbone, & LS Behar-Horenstein, Yu Su & Xiaoying Feng PhD students Published
Dental Education and Making A Commitment to the Teaching of Critical Thought The faculty’s role in promoting the teaching of critical though in dental education. Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein Published.

Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across Discipline 2014; 29(3):27-38.

Enhancing Cultural Competence among Dental Students through Active Teaching and Experiential Learning Compare students’ reflective writings about cultural competence Dr. LS Behar-Horenstein &  Xiaoying Feng Published.

The Qualitative Report 2017;

Impact of interviews on heterosexual students’ expressions of cultural competency. Drs. LS Behar-Horenstein & CA Isaac The Qualitative Report 2016; 21(10): 1-10.
Addressing Oral Disparity via Cultural Competence Drs. LS Behar-Horenstein, RC Warren (Tuskeegee) VJ Dodd,  FA Catalanotto  In press.

American Journal of Public Health.